Even Blogs Can Be More Accurate Than Online (Formal) Magazine!! Read That Aloud Man…

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The recent claimed made by famous IT celebrity about blog is no suitable sources for reading, just katarsis, and being something that very not-so-trendy in some (he claimed) a whole new modern online society is big mouth shout!

Guess what, I browse a news site today, and read some of its article around Mac mini from Apple. Ghosh, some very basics in that article is proven to be “lack of comprehensive knowedge”. So do you still think that a formal online magazine can always trustworthy than a blog? Not necessary my friend.

So let us closely examine what’s lack in that article :

...While the hardware is about roughly equivalent to a Windows PC circa 1995, what got me interested were Apple’s claims about its size, weight and footprint.

Circa 1995?? Is this guy kidding me?!?? Of course let’s say that he claimed the processor based on the processor speed in MHz/GHz, based on my experience in 1995 the fastest x86 machine is 133MHz Pentium processor!!! (or Pentium Pro for workstation/and server… anyway it’s only 200MHz). So are this guy kidding or lack of comprehensive knowledge??? The processor found in Mac mini is an advanced G4 processor, 1.25GHz and 1.42GHz from Freescale (Motorolla spin off company), the GHz can not be fooled, it’s somewhere between Intel P4 2,6-2,8GHz in the term of raw performance. MHz/GHz alone can not be judge as the performance parameter, the pipelining design, the cache design, and many things can be contribute to the real performance. (Centrino ring-a-bell everyone???)

…I could get a Mac mini computer for $499 and have no keyboard or mouse, no serial ports, no way to connect a printer, no PS/2 ports, no floppy drive, no 5.25″ bays, no PCI slots, no speakers, and no Windows XP…

This claimed is somewhat ridiculous. “No way to connect a printer” jose??? Are you nuts or plain dumbs?? Mac mini comes with USB 2.0, and any USB printer can easily plug and works with Mac mini. And no PS/2 ports?? Hey PS/2 is for keyboard/mouse ports, it’s called legacy ports, with the new everything-USB-peripherals you can easily buys and plug a PC/standard USB keyboard and mouse. No speaker you said? Have you check it out througoutly?? I feel sorry for this guy.

The Mini boots up into a stripped-down operating system which Apple calls OS X, similar to the stripped-down WindowsCE OS found on many handhelds. The mini OS is going to be a significant hurdle for many buyers who are used to Windows or have favorite Windows software packages they need to use.

The most annoying parts is when this editor/writer called that Mac mini runs a-stripped-down version of OS, just like the WindowsCE counterpart. Arghh… this is too much!!! I can’t handle it anymore…. Well reader now you can judge yourself how’s the quality of this writer. I can’t get through anymore 😛

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