Will Mac OS X Finally Takes Up Windows Competition?? I Guess Not… Unless

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With recent CES (Consumer Expo) and upcoming MWSF (MacWorld Expo San Fransisco), lots of friends of mine asking will Apple finally taking down Microsoft and once again rule the desktop. I simply say it will never be… Unless Apple is willing to let PC hardware use/license Mac OS X on ordinary PC hardware. Apple should letting the Mac OS X go as an independent product. Why? Because end users are the last mile and they are all the laggards. They are slow to change. They use Windows!! Some of them are using Windows 95 and most corporate are happy enough with Windows 98 Second Edition. Some portions are Windows 2000, XP and Windows 2003 users. And they have lots of investments (softwares and hardwares), and familiarity based on Windows that not easily change overnight.

By the time Apple are happy enough with Leopard (10.5) and/or Dharma (10.4.4), people will stay there with Windows, and some even experiments or start migrating to Windows XP x64 Edition and/or trying Windows Vista in the mean time. The point is there’s no way Apple would ever be a clear winner of desktop competition if Apple would never release Mac OS X as stand alone product. To win the battle it’s not about technical excellency, it’s the market share, dude!!

Dang!…. so will Apple or Steve Jobs will ever release Mac OS X as a stand alone product?? I don’t think so (I hope I’m wrong, or may not too little too late if Steve start changing his mind about this)… why? Because Apple never think that they have made a mistake by keeping the OS proprietary, and there where Microsoft stole the show…. especially with huge success of iPod!! (Still a propriatery product). Though the case with music player is different.

Read my previous rants here. Are you there, Steve?

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  1. adinoto Says:

    From: “macnoto”
    Date: Sun Jan 8, 2006 12:12 am
    Subject: Re: OOT: Windows Vista emang mooy

    People will keep using Windows… unless Steve is no longer resistant
    to open up Mac OS X as an independent product. Even so, it would
    requires years before the marketshare finally can match up.
    Will he ever learn from his previous mistake?? Well I don’t think so,
    since he never think it as a mistake. Especially with huge success
    with iPod (close vendor).


    — In id-mac@yahoogroups.com, boni soehakso wrote:
    > hmmm…..beneran itu Bang, Vista??? kok bentuk nya mirip Mac OS
    > X??? Trus suara nya kok samar2? Jgn2 suara SJ jd
    > BG…..kekekkee……JD Vista sekeren Mac OS X???
    > Bung Noto, gimana tanggapan anda??? kekekeke, jgn dijawab hare
    > gene kok masi pake Mek…….
    > On 1/8/06, Jusak wrote:
    > >
    > > Sorry OOT, nggak biasanya nih Mac user muji-muji Windows. Tapi
    > > sesudah ngedenger keynote Bill Gates terakhir ini, kayaknya
    > > langsung klik di hati.
    > > Bener deh! Visit http://vista.again.at/ kalo nggak percaya.
    > >
    > > cheers,
    > > jusak darmawan

  2. hanindyo Says:

    maybe it’s not about winning, or beating the microsoft…maybe it’s about doing what SJ believe?


  3. hanindyo Says:


    itu maksudnya ngejek kali ya?

  4. Oskar Syahbana Says:

    Vista’s interface is cool! I mean, I really loved it although I love MacOS interface more. It’s like having Vista’s style with Linux’s security πŸ™‚

    Anyway, do you know when will Apple release iMac with Intel processor? I wanted to switch my computer to exclusively using Macintosh by February. Any suggestions?

  5. macnoto Says:

    iBook and Mac mini x86? πŸ˜€

  6. macnoto Says:

    Yeah, he’s happy for what he already is today. Rich, famous, and keep making Mac beautiful (in sales and appearance). That what he’s doing, so there’s nothing we can do.

  7. idarmadi Says:

    OSX will not replace Windows domination in this planet. At least not within this 5 to 10 years.

    OSX might stole some market shares, but not significant, unless OSX come bundled with an ’emulator’ that can run ‘build for Windows’ software almost @ native speed without the need of installing Windows.

    I believe more that 99.99% of Fortune 500 companies runs on Wintel. Although it’s common for them to phase out 3-4 yo desktop computers, but the big investments are on the system, the whole enterprise wide system. The erp, crm, itil, etc, which mostly run on windows based.

    The new trend is converting the existing services into a web service/application. It’ll took time…. and by the time it’s ready, then Mac will has its chance. Meanwhile, it’s still Windows’ primetime.

  8. Oskar Syahbana Says:

    @idarmadi: No, you are wrong. Fortune 500 indeed invest great deal of money on erp, crm, and those other things but mainly it’s done under Linux or if not, using web-platform such as salesforce or 37signals. The word “mostly” is surely an exaggergation here.

    Windows is loosing its market share and they know it. That’s why they came up with Windows Live and Office Live. Pretty much to fend of writely and the likes I assume?

  9. sigeloco. Says:

    Apple being so frontall competing againts Microsoft at desktop OS at this stage is crazy. So what if apple open MacOSX to PC architecture? Microsoft will always come up with something similar, or maybe better, and it would require much much more effort on Apple to Market their product compare to it would on Microsoft..

    Desktop computer with MacOSX doesn’t really make a better deal for user / corporate user, as creating a new products (and marketing them) that would compete againts an original competitor product has been Microsoft business for a long time.. They’re good at it!!
    But having a desktop that run both technologies (based on MacOSX and Windows) surelly makes a better deal for the user.. even a better deal if this Mac can run Windows applications natively..

    To rule again the desktop market could be part of apple long term plan.. the users slow to change, etc. but even if it’s not part of their plan.. everything is still good for them..

  10. insanelymac Says:

    It’s not about Mac OS X compete with Windows….
    I prefer OSX to exclusively attached with their hardware πŸ™‚

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