The Death Spell for Microsoft Office (Who Needs Microsoft Office If We Can Have Open Office 2.0?)

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Microsoft Office has become the “de facto” application for today’s computer usages. No matter how they use it or get it, pirated or purchased through company program, they just keep using it. For Indonesian, something that most people forget is how expensive the Microsoft Office is. The Microsoft Office 2003 costs you US$499 dollar (enough to get you an Apple Mac mini or a brand new AMD Athlon64 or Intel Pentium 4). Of course you can buy an OEM version which costs you a fractional US$170-190 dollar, though the OEM is not for the end user, and Bill Gates having a hard time figure it out how to sell their expensive software in these so-called developing countries which only have a GDP few hundreds dollars and some only have income of less than 100 dollar a month (Thanks God they have brilliant local executives that can “work things out” for locals).

I perceived myself as a common or everyday computers users. Just like most people and executives, I only use it for emails, browsing and sometimes for writing letters. I’m settled now with Mac. I once used ClarisImpact on PowerMac, and AmiPro 3.0 on PC those old early 1990s. Then I use Microsoft Office 95 later 97 then 2000, XP, 2003 on my ThinkPads. The drive that cause me to use Microsoft Office on ThinkPads (read: PC Windows) is the beauty of ThinkPads and the can’t afford to have a solely system that can’t interchange-able to others peers (read: They are all use Microsoft Office!!), so here I go with ThinkPads and Windows. Sorry to say for the last 2 years I gave up Windows! Simply because I can’t stand to have a messy System that can’t prove itself proven to the viruses, worms and those lausy Spywares!@ … And now with Ray Ozzie joined Microsoft as CTO, I look forward another 10 years if only Microsoft can bring something that really new to the market. If not then forget it! I would rather boot a FreeBSD laptop and using Open Office for work.

So what’s important of Open Office 2.0? Simply because it works and mimics the Microsoft Office without having to annoyed by those Microsoft right bar animation and so-called expert online-help that I don’t think people would use it. For simply sake, I don’t see any different between Microsoft Office 95 and 2003!! It’s all the same product with little or no enhancements, the only different I notice between Microsoft Office 95 and 97 is Microsoft Office 97 can import Jpeg file with smaller end file result compare to Microsoft Office 95. Maybe Microsoft Office 95 converted it back to BMP 🙁

You can check out yourself how good Open Office 2.0 today and how it will be fit your organisation very well. There’s no other vendor ready to take over the Microsoft Office except the Open Office. I once wished that Lotus SmartSuite will be there, but looking back to what’s Louis Gerstner had to said in his biography “Who Says that Elephants Can’t Dance?” we all can clearly say that IBM has no interest in developing Application. They are more interest in MiddleWare and Services. (Bye bye OS/2!)

Now if only we’re donating to the Open Office community (let’s say a dollar for each of us, I guess it would sum to enormous amount that can support their lives). I just can’t wait how soon they will come up with native Aqua Mac OS X version of Open Office! You’ll have my 100 dollar donation when the day comes! It will rock my day to have Apple Keynote for presentation and Open Office for everyday lives!!

So the big question is will Indonesian government endorse Open Office? Well I don’t think so. I see one good minister, but the rest is as dumb as everybody else. Sorry folks! Enough said.

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24 Responses to “The Death Spell for Microsoft Office (Who Needs Microsoft Office If We Can Have Open Office 2.0?)”

  1. Oskar Syahbana Says:

    OpenOffice 2 already in full launch (not beta anymore)?

    I’m sure to get my hands to this…

  2. adinoto Says:

    Yes boss. Indeed. Even they now have FreeBSD’s OpenOffice 2.0 ported that just make the FreeBSD die hard fans smile 😛

  3. ryosaeba Says:

    OOo 2.0 still sucks (and i am an everyday user). it crashes invariably in the middle of editing, and showed weird numbering bullets when importing from Office 2003 (for instance, the original shows 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, but in OOo it shows 3, 4, 5, 6 ,7). for word and excel replacement, use abiword and gnumeric instead.

  4. adinoto Says:

    Wakakaa… lucky me only use it for invoices 😀 ….

  5. sai Says:

    ======== quoted =========
    I perceived myself as a common or everyday computers users. Just like most people and executives, I only use it for emails, browsing and sometimes for writing letters. I’m settled now with Mac

    Are you truly a COMMON computer user ? Hmmmmmm …
    and don’t forget the sig …. hari gini masih pake Mek ????


    +++ can’t wait a native OO for Mac, so I can get rid of this M$Off … though for sure I would not donate them USD 100 .. $1 perhaps, like you said ….

  6. rendy Says:

    ini habis dideface ya om?

  7. Jim Says:

    Hare gene pake OpenOpis??? what a nerd stuff!!! jaman gue kuliah ngotot pake openopis aja udah kayak geek. apalagi maksa orang pake openopis, orang government lagi!!! tapi ada bagusnya kok openopis … ketika excel menyerah membuka spreadsheet dengan 1000 lebih row (termasuk excel for mac). tapi openopis dengan setia menemani kerja anda.

  8. adinoto Says:

    Iya abis kena deface. Cepet dibenerin aja ga masuk2 soalnya wakakaka 😀

  9. Dedhi Says:

    1. The IGOS distro already using Oo right? The 1.4 though
    2. “Common everyday computer users”…oh puleeezzzzzzzzzzzzz 😛
    3. What is wrong with Ray Ozzie? Anhy story behind it?

  10. adinoto Says:

    Wah kena deface 2x 🙁 …. Ray Ozzie? 😀 More on that!

  11. Tom Says:

    try Neo Office ( It’s based on Open Office 1.1.5 but with Mac native interface. The Core Open Office developer decided to ditch Mac native version (Cocoa) in favor of this fork, while continue improving OSX’s XServer version. However, don’t forget to install the performance update patch, otherwise it’s very slow (maybe because it’s java background).

  12. adinoto Says:

    Hi Tom, the developer just decided that they will come up with native Aqua with upcoming release.

  13. Affan Says:

    One major improvement over Office XP and 2003 is Read mode, when your document is viewed and formatted so simple and easy to read or review. And I think there are very few people who exploit the feature of MS Office (I have to read lots of tricks on ORA’s Word Annoyance), lots of people wants to see ‘new’ Office every 2-3 years (and that’s what are screenshot for :))

    I haven’t installed and use OO 2.0 yet, but judging subjectively by its screenshot, I think MS Office have a tough opponent right now.

  14. Syafrudin Says:

    Everyday OpenOffice for Windows (since StarOffice 5.1, the last version before Star bought by Sun :-). I am a stylesheet mania, so I always missing a lot when work at Microsoft Office (PageStyle, NumberingStyle, CharacterStyle).
    In this computer, Microsoft Office 97 and Microsoft Project 95 still installed and sometime used. I never interested to further version of Microsoft Office (and also Microsoft Project).

  15. adinoto Says:

    To Pak Syafrudin:
    Good for you Pak. Kalo saja semua orang seperti anda, mungkin negara bisa menghemat banyak untuk kemanusiaan. 🙂

  16. Syafrudin Says:

    Wah, saya pengguna komputer biasa saja, masih pakai Windows, belum pakai Linux 🙂

    Alasan utama pakai OpenOffice ya karena StyleSheet Mania. Pengguna word processor serius, apalagi yang menggunakan TeX ( ), pasti akrab dengan StyleSheet.

    Word Processor yang pertama kali saya gunakan ketika kuliah di akhir 80-an, apalagi kalau bukan word processor paling populer di dunia waktu itu, yaitu WordStar ( ) versi 4 (masih versi bajalan). Sesudah kerja, kantor menyediakan Microsoft Word for DOS versi 2.0 (kayaknya original). Ini awal ketertarikan saya terhadap StyleSheet, yang tidak dipunyai oleh WordStar. Dan saya selalu mengandalkan StyleSheet ketika migrasi ke MS Office for Windows (16 bit) versi 4.3 (kayaknya bajakan), lalu MS Office95, dan terakhir MS Office97 (bajakan), sebelum jatuh cinta kepada StyleSheet-nya StarOffice 5.1 (free for personal personal) yang lebih bagus dari MS Office.

  17. adinoto Says:

    To Pak Syafrudin:
    Yup, saya pertama pake word processor ya Wordstar dan Chiwriter, kemudian th 92 jatuh cinta mati pada AmiPro 3.0 :)) Ga ngira kemudian Lotus membeli AmiPro dan saya sempet kerja disana, sayang Lotus kehilangan passion (dibeli IBM) untuk mengembangkan AmiPro (baca: Word Pro). Sedih.

    Kalo Mac ya saya suka Claris product dulu. Mulai dari ClarisWorks sampe yg saya suka ClarisImpact (9-in-1 suite yang kepake banget buat saya). Sayang good company dies. 🙁

  18. fajar Says:

    komputerku pentium 2, apa open office kuat dijalanin??

  19. jim Says:

    @fajar: paling lambat … heheheheh … yg penting memorinya deh kayaknya.

  20. adinoto’s blog » Blog Archive » TextEdit in Leopard Says:

    […]  Apple decided to accommodate all the competing standards. The highly tout Microsoft docx and OOXML, and the more friendly .odtThe other thing that interesting is the new RTFD format which rise from NeXTSTEP and Mac OS X root, and ported to other Unices, (too bad no Windows support), which can contained container and lossless images.I would strongly vote for .odt and against those proprietary formats. My words to authoritative is… have you heard of OpenOffice, folks?  […]

  21. Rullan Rinaldi Says:

    Gak da masalah make open office, semua pekerjaan saya bisa selesai. Kerjaannya dibilang rumit gak, tp dibilang sederhana juga gak, ya sekitaran bikin karya tulis dan skripsi yang penuh dengan rumus dan tetek bengek formatting lainnya.

    Satu-satunya ynag bikin saya pusing waktu make openoffice tuh tentang kompatibilitas dengan orang lain yang pada masih make MS Office (bajakan maupun gak). =)

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