Apple 3.0, What’s Next? (Will Apple Finally Open Mac OS X in Less Than 3 Years??)

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Apple is switching to Intel processors. You’ve heard it. It’s now powered MacBook Pro, iMac Core Duo, and Mac mini. And even when Apple’s Intel machines does not formally support Windows (they use EFI, Intel latest technology replacing 20 years old aging BIOS, and current Windows XP and first iteration of Vista does not support EFI yet, shame on you Bill, even PC vendors need an incentive to migrate to EFI), groups of users finally open up a interesting small contest that rewards user’s collected funds to whoever find the solution first. The winner has been announced. 13,000+ US dollars rewarded to narf2006 (two others are very close to win this competition).

From now on, all new Mac will be an Intel machine. They run Mac OS X along with Windows with small effort. The only question will Apple finally open Mac OS X to PC generic sometime soon? Why we are desprately need this? For all the new machine that can be installed with Windows, will put developers less incentive to port to Mac OS X. Why put more effort to port to the whole new environment when they know that Mac machine can run Windows too?? Let’s not forget OS/2 lesson here. OS/2 can run Win16 better than Win16 OS itself (Windows 3.1), and in result there’s not much OS/2 native applications since developers has little incentive to do so since OS/2 installed based is a very little compare to Windows 3.1 at the time. Now history is start repeating itself again. Unless you’re Steve Jobs there’s nothing we can do to stop the things from happening.

Start from game developers. There’s very little incentive left for them to port to Apple Mac OS X infrastructure. Once they’re get used to DirectX model programming, it will put them a little more extra cash to spend and time to think whether the investment is worth or not.

Well Steve, now you got everything in your hand. The contents (read: iTunes Music Business), the gadgets tasty business (iPod and forthcoming iPhone), and let’s not forget the opportunity to gag the Gates with Mac OS X. Let’s do this man, I know you’re willing to rock the competition. Let’s not feel sorry later for the things we’re not doing.

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9 Responses to “Apple 3.0, What’s Next? (Will Apple Finally Open Mac OS X in Less Than 3 Years??)”

  1. ada deh Says:

    hahahhaa…..sebentar lagi mimpimu kesampeyan nak…jangan lupa kambing guling yaaaaaaaa,,

  2. aRdho Says:


    *gag ngerti*

  3. Oskar Syahbana Says:

    Don’t you think this will make MacOS just as fragile as Windows? Not in term of security, but in term of stability. The only reason why Mac is so stable as it is today is because they control pretty much everything, the hardware and the software.

    What will happen if they open up their OS to generic beige box? They will have to start to support many kinds of hardware in which they have no control over it. This will of course create problem as they have to code their OS in certain ways so that hardware developer could adapt easily on their OS. And this will create a bloated OS.

    And since MacOS is closed-source, they don’t have the raw power of Linux that can maintain compatibility against many hardware. Unless, with “open” here you mean “open source”. That would be great (not for them, but for the rest of us) ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. macnoto Says:

    Apple can still control hardware vendors as Microsoft has been doing for years by releasing Apple Certified Hardware (HCL). Of course Mac OS X would requires powerful graphics card and minimum specs to comply the Mac OS X requirement. Any new motherboards and graphics cards (and accessories) that already has Apple Cert Lab certification would be attracted to common users too.

  5. hanindyo Says:

    Hehehe, saya masih ga percaya om SJ mau buka Mac OS untuk pemakai PC. Percayalah apa yang dikatakan Rudi.

    Bah dia mah tukang rambut bukannn?

  6. Nofie Says:

    Alih-alih karena idealisme seorang Steve Jobs, Apple 3.0 agaknya lebih merupakan “tuntutan industri”. Just my 2 cents.

  7. macnoto Says:

    hehehe… let’s our dream begins ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. adham Says:

    pake OSX di PC, kayaknya emang jauh lebih enak pake OSX di Mac. Walaupun sampe sekarang tabungan belum cukup buat iBook. Apakah om macnoto mau menyumbangkan untuk mahasiswa seperti saya ini? hehehehehehe.

  9. macnoto Says:

    wakakaka… nyumbang situ sudah menunjukkan prestasi apa? ntar disumbang malah kebanyakan ngoprek. coba tunjukkan prestasinya dulu ๐Ÿ˜€

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