(Light Of The Day) I’m An Employee… And I Get A Discount

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Only a few of us can have the privilege of a Woz. Less known selebrity who actually the man that powered Apple II along with the other Steve. Steve Wozniak sometimes walk to Apple Store and say… “I’m an employee… and I get a discount”… The Apple Store employee of course responds by asking “What’s your number?” (without knowing who he really is). The best thing Woz can say (and check the employee’s face) is… “I’m employee no.1” :D  Kewl! 😀

Even cooler if you’re start thinking working on something in third world community, Steve. The children needs you! Come on here. Let’s talk something.

(Story based on The Inquirer post)

3 Responses to “(Light Of The Day) I’m An Employee… And I Get A Discount”

  1. idham Says:

    Kencingin Pertamax dulu , orang indon kan kaya wong pertamax dimana mana …..

  2. Oskar Says:

    Bukannya Jobs yg employee number 1 ya? Dulu kan ada tuh sampe terkenal quote-nya, something along the line “no, I’m employee number 1, Woz is number two. Or heck, make Woz number 1, I’ll be employee # 0”.

    Ga tau bener ato cuma rumor mistis yg menyelimuti His Steve-ness ;))

  3. Bitch-Hiltoncom Says:

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