Indonesia Time Zone in Mac OS X Needs Fixing

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Commenting to Andika’s posting on how fatal can be a BTS having wrong time zone, I agree that certain mission-critical or critical applications require a solid time zone. Though SMS (BTS main services) purposes is for “time-stamp” only, it is plain annoying to have a SMS that have wrong time-stamp, let alone serious identification like fraud or log scan, it will be messed up. For other type of servers that requires synchronization between servers simply like Squid or others would not be executed properly if the time spread (read: err) is too wide. Put NTP (The Network Time Protocol) server in the table. It seems like a simple thing to do but there’s bunch of corporate engineers who don’t know how to setup it properly nor keep that in mind to set it up on the first place.

As for Mac OS X (server and client), since it’s a GUI thing, everything is only a click away. But I notice something bothering my eyes, Apple assumed that Indonesia is only one time zone, and it’s called WIT Jakarta. Check the below pictures:



There’s two serious flaws in this Time Zone:

1. Jakarta should called WIB, it’s “Waktu Indonesia Barat” (Western Indonesia Time Zone).

2. Indonesia is divided into 3 time zones: Waktu Indonesia Barat or WIB (Western Indonesia Time), Waktu Indonesia Tengah or WITA (Central Indonesia Time) and Waktu Indonesia Timur or WIT (Eastern Indonesia Time). WIB can be represent by Jakarta, WITA can be represent by Bali, and WIT can be represent by Jayapura.

Bali is WITA, 8 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time or GMT same as Singapore, meanwhile WIB minus 1 hour and WIT plus 1 hour.

Well therefore I should assume that Indonesia is not Apple’s primary target for marketing. Since I believe that it will change sometimes soon, the new embrace of Mac generations, I should say Apple should fix this in forthcoming release. I should also blame the government overall for it’s poor marketing promotion. I missed Jop Ave. Ex-tourism minister and also public speaker who speak loud on Indonesia and Bali and welcoming tourism. Overall I missed Suharto’s administration. It certainly a better administration than all the successors. 🙁

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  1. Anthony Fajri Says:

    If I’m not mistaken, this is not apple’s mistake.

    As I know, there’re 2 kind of Time Zone code for Western Indonesia Time. The first is WIB (Waktu Indonesia Barat – Bahasa Indonesia for Western Indonesia Time), and the second is WIT (Western Indonesia Time). I think you can easily search in google for that.

    What happen is, I think Apple took WIT as reference.

    So, this is not about correct or wrong. This is about reference.

    just my 2 rupiah

  2. Toni Says:

    WIT = Western Indonesia Time, EIT = Eastern Indonesia Time and there is also CIT.
    Funny thing is, if i choose localized Linux:id_ID, the date command result is “Min Sep 9 10:13:16 WIT 2007”.

  3. adinoto Says:

    To Fajri:
    -> Hmm therefore should we adopt WIT as WIB instead? 😛 hehehe I guess not 😀

  4. adinoto Says:

    To Fajri and Toni:
    Hmmm could be Fajri is right. I type date in OS X console also resulting “Sun Sep 9 09:45:30 WIT 2007” …. so maybe Apple should add EIT or CIT instead?

  5. Adham Somantrie Says:

    FreeBSD also has WIT for Jakarta.
    Mac OS X based on FreeBSD 5.0?

  6. Dedhi Says:

    In Solaris, we have :

    But the WIT, CIT and EIT are correct also, already seen many other OS and global conference call company using this also. But, usually the CIT is being referred to Dili, Timor Leste instead of Pontianak, Indonesia

  7. Remo Harsono Says:

    Overall I missed Suharto’s administration. It certainly a better administration than all the successors
    Yup, the word reformation seems a trick to remove Suharto and starting the new Imperialism, just like in Iraq.

    The difference is that Iraqi people seems a bit better in fighting with North America Imperium + British Imperium.

  8. Priyadi Says:

    AFAIK, mac os x also uses tzdata. see my post about this particular ‘problem’ here:

  9. Dedhi Says:

    Eh Pontianak sekarang masuk GMT+7 yah?

  10. adinoto Says:

    # Priyadi Says:
    September 9th, 2007 at 1:02 pm e

    AFAIK, mac os x also uses tzdata. see my post about this particular ‘problem’ here:

    -> Thanks Pak Pri, it’s very informative! 🙂

  11. adinoto Says:

    # Dedhi Says:
    September 9th, 2007 at 1:31 pm e

    Eh Pontianak sekarang masuk GMT+7 yah?

    -> Yoi dan dulu Bali = WIB skrg WITA.

  12. Anthony Fajri Says:

    Wah harus bikin konferensi pers nih. Penemuan baru!

  13. Oskar Syahbana Says:

    Kok aneh ya, gw baru sadar kalo timezone singapore itu sama dengan timezone bali, secara daerahnya lebih dekat ke Sumatera/Jakarta gitu…

  14. Dedhi Says:

    #13, karena zaman dahoeloe, Zingapore itu partz of Malayzia. Dan Malayzia menerapkan aturan single Time Zone baik yg di Malazan Peninzula maoepoen Borneo (Zabah dan Zerawagh). Zadi mereka orang ikut begitoe. Itu zuga kenapa kita orang di Malayzia dan Zingapura itu masoek kantoor zam zembilan pagi, bukan zam delaphand.

  15. probodj Says:

    This is about national standard vs. international standard. In Indonesia we use “Rp” to abbreviate Rupiah; but there is “IDR” which is internationally recognized abbreviation for Rupiah. (Just as there are RMB and CNY, RM and MYR, S$ and SGD, and so on). Likewise, we can use WIB, WITA and WIT within domestic context, but in international communication, we should say WIT, CIT and EIT.

    There’s a difference between UTC and GMT. In general, timezones refer to UTC instead of GMT. So, WIT (Western Indonesian Time) = UTC+7 (instead of GMT+7).

    See also

  16. idarmadi Says:

    Setuju dengan Mas Fajri. Om noto seharusnya menggelar konprensi pers. Biar cepat jadi seleb (kayak Om RS)…. Kalo udah jadi seleb khan jalan menuju Bandung 1 (D 1) lebih gampang… 🙂

  17. Anthony Fajri Says:

    Ded, kalo gak salah ada alasan ekonomi-nya tuh. Singapore pake GMT+8 biar jam kerja gak terlalu jauh ama Jepang. Terus biar waktu dibukanya saham sama kayak hongkong.

    jadi UUD (Oejang-Oejang-nya duit)

  18. amen Says:

    antek suharto ya

  19. Arnold P. Siboro Says:

    Menanggapi kenapa Singapura dan Bali sama2 GMT+8, pdhal Singapura lebih dekat ke Sumatera, perlu diingat bahwa time zone tidak HANYA ditentukan secara geografis tetapi juga politis. Contoh paling ekstrim ialah RRC yang memiliki hanya satu time zone, pdhal panjangnya lebih panjang dari Sabang sampai Merauke bahkan sampai Papua New Guinea.

  20. Chris Says:

    Masalah ini memang membingungkan dimata orang indonesia.
    Aku rasa kita harus membiasakan bahasa Internasional.

    WIB (waktu indonesia barat) = WIT (Western Indonesia Time)

    Sedangkan bahasa indonesia sendiri WIT (waktu indonesia timur)


    Dalam konteks bahasa indonesia kalau gak salah pernah sempat ada tulisan di Televisi 08.00 WIBB
    WIBB = Waktu Indonesia Bagian Barat
    WIBT = Waktu Indonesia Bagian Timur apa Tengah *bingung*


    Mari biasakan diri dengan:
    WIT = Western Indonesia Time
    CIT = Centre/Central Indonesia Time
    EIT = Eastern Indonesia Time

  21. Jim Says:

    scam pisan WIT ~ waktu indonesia timur. sebelum aa’ noto dilantik jadi ceo apple, mari kita nikmati WIT ini …

    @chris: BBWI kali -> Bagian Barat Waktu Indonesia

    time server enakan pake lokal di aja dah. speedy kantor + xlgprs gue gak ngejar ke atawa boros2 ke

    mendingan lah daripada query ke … hahahahah …

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