Apple Launches Woodcrest (Xeon Edition of Core 2 Duo) and So Does Intel (Worldwide!)

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Tonight is a big day. The transition is complete. Apple finally moved all its product line to Intel based platform. The most notable machine and expected for professional is the Mac Pro (PowerMac G5 replacement) that carries Dual Woodcrest (Xeon Edition of Intel Core 2 Duo = 4 Cores Processors) and it’s a 64-bit extension to the old Yonah (Core Duo) platform.

Is it a news? Well everybody knows that. Geeks at least. But the most suprising part is when my colleagues called me this afternoon asked me whether I want to order a special promo Intel 965LTC Desktop Board Bundled with Intel Core 2 Duo!! Whatt!!!… yep indeed, Intel makes a move. They launches the Core 2 Duo platform worldwide at the same time of Apple World Wide Developer Conference tonight. This is amazing. Showing that Intel is solid marketing company.

So Apple what’s next? Merger with Intel? That’s even a thunder news 😛 ….

Here’s a shot from WWDC 2006. Sorry Windows folks!

4 Responses to “Apple Launches Woodcrest (Xeon Edition of Core 2 Duo) and So Does Intel (Worldwide!)”

  1. carlos patriawan Says:

    kalo ada yg kemari, untuk ngunjungin apple/stip jobs atau sf, kontak2 ya .. 🙂

  2. rendy Says:

    jroooy… pasti harganya mengerikan

  3. macnoto Says:

    rendy said,
    jroooy… pasti harganya mengerikan

    -> This time you’re wrong. It’s even 1,000 dollar cheaper than similar Dell!
    😀 …. rage on 😀

  4. Adham Somantrie Says:

    Seandainya Apple merger dengan ATI/AMD….. *ngimpi*

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