iPod Photo Comes To Shock This Morning!! :-) Hurray!!

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A good friend of mine Arnold give me a long smiling grin this morning on my yahoo say “Cheese, check out www.apple.com/ipodphoto“… whoa… this is something that typical surprise from Apple!! Way to go Jobs… we love you. I’ll buy more iPod (this gonna be my 7th iPod :))

Now we’re just wonder, with Al Waleed’s wallet how easy for Apple to swallow Qualcomm, Palm (along get a free BeOS assets), and Nokia to create next generation iPod Photo+Camera+Phone+Wireless+Bluetooth+PDA?? hahaha… I’ll be the one who’s giving a big grin this time 🙂

2 Responses to “iPod Photo Comes To Shock This Morning!! :-) Hurray!!”

  1. avianto Says:

    yeah, another pressure on my walet! damn. just as i get satisfied with my old second hand 2G ipod…__well. another toy to consider, altho i am looking on that black U2 ipod myself… *grin*
    10/27/2004 11:51 AM

  2. macnoto Says:

    Hahaha what can we say… now Bono, next? Spielberg anniversary iPod? ;p who knows what’s in Steve’s head.__Apple is well known for its strong relationship with media, artists, musicians and hollywood. Just one bad relationship with “the other Apple” a.k.a Apple Recording (Beatles holding company). Remember Sosumi everyone? 😀

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