Kudos Apple!! Welcome Aperture…

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The new just launched Quad and Dual-Core PowerMacs would be an exciting one for some people. The new HD (high definition) with 1680 x 1050 pixels would even makes someone drolls. The iPod nano, the iPod video… I should say that Apple now is moving into a very steady and healthy condition. Keep attracting market with attractive products and gadgets… keep someone to have deeper attraction with Apple (this scenario work best for iPod users as much as Apple’s Mac loyal/newbie customers).

But for me the all joys comes in the software. I find Apple’s new Front Row and the just launched Apperture would definetely make my day. I had enough with Windows on my life. Even I can have a good Windows system, but still have to face it a complex support on most of my client’s. Gotta tell you that it took me hours just to hook up a SLR camera on my client’s ThinkPad X41 due it requires to install lots of softwares, not as simple as plug-and-go on most Mac due iPhoto is built as standard iLife packages.

I’m not a big fans of iPhoto. Honestly I am not using it on my daily basis. It’s slow (by my standard). iPhoto 5 is much better and faster version than iPhoto 4. But compare to live I have to face on supporting Windows zillionware comes from different manufacturers I guess now I have to say that I’ll stick with the Mac. Enough is enough. I need more time to enjoy life than facing the machines for those silly unproductive works.

Then now comes Aperture. Aperture would be a sweetest spot I’ll ever imagine in this year end. Unless Apple would keep surprising me by announcing more neats software. Aperture, PowerBook HD… hmm guess now I’ll be enjoying myself more buy getting those Canon 350D and Aperture. And a new PowerBook 15″ HD with 2GB memory would not be so bad… I’m getting myself one…. Did I mentioned iPod video? 😀 …. There’ll be zillions Apple new toys on my new apartement in a week or so :)) Time to play!!

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  1. sueng Says:

    bagi dong …….

  2. Tahmid Says:

    Looks like you’re facing bunch of mouth-watering experience with the oncoming gadgets from Mac. Enjoy! I’m still okay with my iBook G3 and macmini on my desk! Long live Jobs!

    Salam kenal,


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