IBM: Watts? (Read: What) the Hell Is Wrong With You?

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Apple recent announcement that it would migrate its processor from IBM PowerPC to Intel bring havoc to IBM executives. IBM executive say that they can deliver G5 in mobile form, let alone Steve’s WWDC mislead the community perception about Power architecture. To me this is all bullshit. We all know that PowerPC has a great start leaping Intel Pentium in performance (since 1994!), but let’s face it! IBM is unable to make PowerPC mainstream (read: sold only in low volume), and Apple sales in only one tenth fractional of the overall Intel Pentium in PC market as PC is an aggregate market.

I was a PowerPC big fan, bought lots of PowerPC books, and swallow how this said to be changing the world. It was in 1994. And over the time I see no IBM intention to bring Taiwanese partner to manufacturer so called CHRP (PowerPC Common Hardware Reference Platform) or PReP into the table, and there’s so my desire fading. Let’s face it, there’s currently no 3GHz PowerPC G5 on the pipeline, last time I check it’s 1998 rendevous (Motorola can’t bring faster PowerPC G4 in 18 months! Ouch), and this is frustating.

Don’t get it wrong, I’m also no big fan of Intel myself, especially when it comes to Pentium 4. But surely I love how Dual Core Centrino (Yonah) would filled my days. As for Mac, the really soul of Mac is still Mac OS X itself, I don’t care what kind of platform I would be running, as long as it run Mac OS X, it’s wicked fast, and also sleek in the design. Always the Apple way.

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  1. vi3 Says:

    alooo adi… eh mas adi.. pasti lupa ama saya.. ini yovita.. temen sandra di UNPAR.. tapi sekarang dah jauh dari bandung… pha kabar?

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