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With recent WWDC announcement that Apple finally support Intel platform, it’s only left me with few more questions :
1. Will Apple finally open its OS X to standard PC (let big box maker license it), and make itself expose by becoming a clear rival to Microsoft in x86 OS business?
2. How long that is gonna take? Due critical masses and Longhorn will be shipped around the same timeframe.
3. Small curiosity as hardware geek, will Apple’s own Intel based Mac will be socket (like LGA775) so user upgrade would be feasible, or permanent soldered?

Here’s what I think:
1. Remains to be seen. Mostlikely yes (Ouch too optimist), but it takes at least another 2 years to make the transition complete, Apple would need a strong Channel Partners & Resellers if they want to be a software player like Microsoft. Due Intel has a longstanding good Channel Partners & Resellers relations, this move would be an easy path (Intel even sent email about this announcement to its resellers and partners right after WWDC announcement, good job Intel!). Other is MIS sick of handling Windows trouble. Cumbersome, Viruses, Worms, and Spywares has cause IT department gone mad. Yep, this is a big market to tap. I’m not sure either Apple will take this route. But definitely I wish Apple should play a big time in major league game this time. Come on Steve, I know you can!

Advise to all of you IT department and decision makers:
Give a Mac OS X a second look as your alternative to Microsoft Windows and Linux boxes. Mac OS X (and Mac OS X Server) is rock solid and costs less (NO CAL – no client access tax, and trouble-free). Next thing you need a File Server, Database Server, Domain Controller or a Redundant System (High Availability (IP FailOver) and Aggregate bandwidth is standard feature in Mac OS X Server! Fiuh… Cool. Need more advise? Call me at : +62 855 218 1888. We’ll ready to give you consulting session.

2. Hmm if Apple would pick the first road, I wish everything would take sooner than everyone predicted. Rosetta, the technology behind on-the-fly binary translation from PowerPC -> Intel would be a instant rescue. You never cease to amaze me Steve!

3. Mostlikely the small box like Mac mini would get a permanent soldered chip like found on laptops. So no user upgradable. In PowerMacs, I don’t know how’s that gonna be. It’s all up Apple to give the us the choice. But later on when Apple move to OS X business and let box makers create more Macs machines, we’ll definetely see the best of time. Apple everywhere…. Oooo… doesn’t it feel good after all this time? It reminds me alot of Apple TV ads back then in 1983 when Apple introduced Lisa featuring Kevin Costner. “There will be two kinds of people. Those who use computers, and those who use Apple’s”.

Either my prediction is wrong, this is the most exciting time in computing history. Kudos to everyone at Apple!!

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