Why IBM Screwed It Up? Again :(

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With the recent WWDC announcement that Apple finally embrace and switch to Intel processor, it left me with one more question.. Why IBM screwed it up in the first place? Again. As my previous post I suggested that IBM Should Buy Apple, Now Definitely the Time, I should admit that the prediction is way off. There’s two reasonable sense for that. First, Apple has made up his mind (to team up with Intel) around the article written. Second thing is, IBM screwed it up. Again. As always.

It screwed great OS at the time (OS/2), and swallow Lotus, and now Lotus Notes is in danger existance 🙁 … SmartSuite already long gone. Farewell AmiPro (my long stand wordprocessor on PC before renamed WordPro). Why IBM always screwed things up, I suspect because the company again is way to big. Mamooth company. Decision takes too much time to take, and everybody don’t know who do what. I felt that. I once work for Lotus Consulting (though I admit that the company is more slimmer and work faster than the whole IBM team). I have lots of colleagues still work for IBM, and they don’t even know where the company direction is as they are outsider. Ouch. Read Louis V. Gartsner biography and you know how its hard to be him running the big elephant to dance.

IBM now may focus on leveraging PowerPC for game console business. Microsoft XBOX, Sony PS3, Nintendo GameCube all line up for ante. Not a bad business imagine that console sold for tenth of millions unit each year. But why lost focus?? Why screw up the original plan on the first place? Why not embracing the chip business and as always look for significant margin for each chip sold on Mini and its Mainframe?? Hellooo.. economics of scale works here! Remember who was Intel? Unnamed Memory Maker, now turn up into the most innovative and lucrative chip makers with promising roadmap. Remember the PowerPC 620, 615 everyone? :(( I was the big fans of the-never-release-to-market product. So sad.

So what’s this Apple-Intel announcement has to do with the rest of the industry? I guess this is the most exciting era in computing industry. Ever! It’s like 1984. It’s good to be able to feel the same way again, afterall. Anything could happens, Intel could merges with Apple as Robert X. Cringley predicted today. Or Apple would keep playing niche with latest Intel products innovation. Either way, I won’t speculate anything, since I’m not the insider. Anything could turn inside out as Steve/Otellini want to. No matter how it goes, please fasten your seatbelt, it’s not over yet and prepare for the surprise!

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