SuperDrive Finally Shines

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My last rant about PowerBook’s SuperDrive made me feel somewhat uncomforted due it hurts some of the authorities. And here I am again traveling to Singapore on business purpose. I manage myself to “look-look, see-see” (Singlish term for windows shopping) for DVD media that could prove that I could be wrong on this.

So today I prepare myself to go out to Sim Lim Square and give a look on stores that carry DVDs. Hmm actually there’s plenty of stores carry DVD. It’s Sim Lim. Everyone knows. But I wonder which store can provides me with the needed information.

I can’t find the correct store to be my adventurous one. Since most of them are PC stores and from the way their serve the customers they are know little about a PowerBook. Let alone its compatibility needed for its ahead-of-its-time 8x DVD Writer (most PC notebooks only carry DVD Combo = DVD-ROM/CDRW, they are too cheap to put more expensive device like this as standard configuration on some PowerBooks from Apple, — I know some of ThinkPads are equipped with this one too, but none of them available at store other than the online store from IBM).

I talked with several stores to find out about the best DVD media than can help me prove that I could be wrong on SuperDrive compatibility. None of them provide me with suitable information. They are all sure that the media will work flawlessly as the rated manufacturer. Other suggest me that it would work 1-8x (but this is pointless due I want full capacity of the device I had, it’s 8x capable, why not find the media that truly works on 8x — 8x writing only 7-8 minutes on 2.5GB data, but 2x writing cause me a whopping over 30 minutes writing times, which I can’t stand for urgent situation). I almost gave up. Most of brand is the same brand that I’ve been using. All works only 2x.

While checking out 1U case for my project, I finally give another chance to talk to the customer service. It’s on the top level of Sim Lim, 6th floor, and also carries DVD pallets imported from Japan. She seems pretty helpful and finally she said, why not giving one piece a try and let see how it works. Bingo. Here I am check out the pallets and happy enough with DVD with japanese characters. It’s a Mitsubishi. I aware that Mitsubishi has large chemical industries, and Japanese standar usually higher than rest of asia. So now I only hope it works well.

I opened up my PowerBook and put the DVD to burn some Disk Image I have. Open Disk Utility and see what is detected. Wusssahhhh….. it shows 8x!!!!! Hmm… what a great start! I burned the image and it completes only in 7-8 minutes and works like a charm. Yess!!!

Having to find out that I finally find the suitable alternative media for my daily burn habits, I order another 100 pieces of it. Before I walked out the store she even asked me to give the DVD-RW media a try. Hmm… good deal since she asked me to pay only 1 piece if it can’t work 4x as it rated. Ok, why not. Popped up the DVD-RW and again yesss… it works flawlessly on 4x speed.

Now I should say that I was wrong on this. Not definitely can be blamed on this 100%, since I tried most of DVDs and none of them are really works fine on 8x speed like it rated on this SuperDrive. And personally I should say I’m sorry to Ian Stewart from and Junior Tan from Apple, but having the bad experience myself I should say everyone would be disappointed. Not that Apple DVD-R 8x Media can’t write properly at 8x, but it’s too pricey in my perspective (having compare to other manufacturers). Yes, Apple is not volume player in DVD Media, they could be OEM it to somebody else (definitely). But why not try to market Apple DVD Media for PC users like Apple has done well with its iPod? People should knows that Apple DVD Media is quality products, but it’s rare availability in stores (especially in far country like Indonesia where I stay), and it’s price, I should say that it would be a bit dangerous. People can’t wait burning for days or weeks just to get the media ordered from local Apple Store since they don’t carries stocks. And people would need the most available sources only for writing purpose.

At least now I’m happy with my PowerBook. Its SuperDrive now shines at 8x using selected media. And I should stress out again that this PowerBook is still ahead-of-its-time and sensitive while most DVD media manufacturers do not produce quality product (shame on you cheap manufacturers!). And at least it now satisfy my burning ego for few months ahead. 🙂

My suggestion: If you have money, go for Apple 8x DVD-R Media. It’s the best media I’ve seen so far in term of quality (check out the after burning mark and its long lasting experience). But if you’re on budget, go find something like this and equipped yourself for few months.

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  4. M Juneid Says:

    siang pak.

    saya tertarik baca artikel anda tentang DVD-rw atau + rw mitsubishi,
    kira-2 kalo di indonesia dimana bisa cari media DVD tersebut yah >??




  5. adinoto Says:

    mas Juned, kalo DVD merk Mitsubishi skrg rasanya udah banyak beredar di toko-toko terdekat anda… halah iklan banget 😀 *kudunya gua dibayar mitsubishi kali yeee 😀

  6. Albina Says:

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