Why Mac Sux

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Though Quartz Extreme has been a very compelling graphics rendering in any platform so far (IMHO), Aqua has proven to be not so productive for me. By default, I don’t like Aqua. It’s just plain annoying. So why don’t Apple opt something that more light to eye, and acceptable in corporate eyes. Simply put, Aqua is distracting. (For me, let me know your thought).

Everytime I get my new Mac OS X machine installed, I usually need ShapeShifter and put QNX themes with WinXP icons from MaxThemes. Why? Simply because it works!! Sorry mac folks.

Here’s the screenshot of my desktop:

Larger image is available at: link

5 Responses to “Why Mac Sux”

  1. Antonius Widjaja Says:

    Just like you said.. “Hari Gene Koq pake Mek..” hahahahaha
    btw.. cantik juga tuch.. boleh dong gw kapan2 ke tempat loe.. ngupi ShapeShifter & QNX themes.. 😀

  2. CC Says:


    So why don’t Apple opt something that more light to eye, and acceptable in corporate eyes.


    Simple, Apple doesn’t target corporate types. Creatives and Cunsumers yes. Boring Suits-NO. if you want a technicolour OS.. stick with loony-tunes XP or Ice princess Vista. And while all them mods break the OS and make it a hacker free for all, OSX goes on strong.

    Sometimes keeping it straight and simple works.


  3. adinoto Says:

    To CC:
    Thanks for dropping comment.
    Yes, Apple doesn’t opt to corporate at all. Though they have offering in corporate space like Xserve and Mac OS X Server, we all see that there’s still not much penetration to head to head with HP or Dell. What a very unfortunate, since compare to other competitors Apple has they own offering (OS X), and not bound to Microsoft’s OS bugs, and even better it’s far most the cheapest OS Server due no CAL (Client Access License) required for every client seats.

    As for the interface, I tried every copy of Leopard to the latest 9a499 build, my complain is about the unified look found on Leopard is too heavy (too dark) on eyes compare to the Tiger unified look. Hopefully Apple aware of that and decide to make it a little lighter.

    My rating for Leopard is 9 out of 10. It’s just simply works OS. Hopefully Apple go ahead with lighter unified looks and add AJAX based webmail/collaboration on Leopard Server, that we can call a day off for Exchange 🙂

  4. Limerick Says:

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  5. Pollina Says:

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