Why Apple Has Never Made A Contest Around Altivec?

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My recent post on Altivec (Motorola term) or SIMD (IBM term) or famously known as Velocity Engine (Apple term) has rised some important question. If Altivec is that superior, why Apple has not build a developer community based on it?? Make a sibling contest and make more opensource developers work on this immediately on Mac OS X.

Altivec can cause PowerPC machines performs 4-5x times faster (definitely way faster, no fake!!) than Pentium counterparts. Encoding/Decoding is just like another “saving as” in Mac, taking seconds or minutes instead of hours of —— platform 😛 (Rage on you Intel mania!).

Once I remember Apple is aggresively push “Optimized for Velocity Engine”, “Optimized for Dual Processors”, “Optimized for Dual Processors and Velocity Engine” campaign for its developers when G3, G4 hybrids machines are dominating Mac offering. Today’s G4 and G5 only offering (both are PowerPC with Altivec core) make G3 less important. G3 is the last non-Altivec machine. So why not once again embrace the Altivec fun??

Bringing back the 3D visual interface for Apple Speech Recognition (remember IBM’s ill lated “Charlie” everyone?), or Oddcast a like? Build next generation applications that can make PC users drools??? Open Mac OS X core and make contest that immediately taking advantage of Altivec??

If I’m SJ, I’ll definitely taking this opportunity further wide. Altivec rocks!! And one thing for sure that eventhough Apple has advertise this to US market, they have not been communicate this effectively to Indonesian market. Supercomputer for 499 dollars everyone?? :)) movie link

3 Responses to “Why Apple Has Never Made A Contest Around Altivec?”

  1. Eckbert Heinenberg Says:

    I found very interesting information on this site, above all because I’ve never heard before about Altivec. Thanks!

  2. Branchen Says:

    Very interesting! But a real Supercomputer for 499 dollars?

  3. adinoto Says:

    Branchen said,
    September 26, 2006 @ 12:25 pm · Edit
    Very interesting! But a real Supercomputer for 499 dollars?

    -> Hi Brachen,
    Yes, if only people would optimize the code. If not then we would not
    get a real Supercomputer in desktop anytime. Computer can 2-3-4x
    faster than previous generation in 6 months-12 months or so, but if
    people would not optimize the code, then it would meaningless.

    Try me a Realtime OS for everyone, or remember Video Toaster for
    Amiga anyone? or BeOS? I guess the day is over. Now the only thing
    exist is industry conspiracy. Sell more chips chips chips, upgrade
    new OS, OS, OS……. well we’re nothing but a consumer.

    In electronic world we familiar with the phrase ” Faster, Cheaper,
    Smaller, Better”.

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