I’m Accused Of Being Not So Trendy (a.k.a RS)

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I have a little chat this afternoon, which a friend Priyadi. The topics is somewhere between what’s on and what’s in. One of the topics is about my recent involvement in Technomedia. Then he brought up an idea about joining Teknologia mailist. Yup, I heard few rumours about this in Mr.GBT quite sometime ago, but when I try to find Teknologia on yahoogroups I found none. Then he said, go find it in googlegroups. Googlegroups? I said. Honestly it’s my first time hearing about googlegroups. Yucks… then the discussion go spread wide.

priyadi : soalnya mumpung masih anget kasus teknologia vs technomedia
macnoto: teknolgia itu apa?
priyadi : mereka (wartawan) sudah mau denger
priyadi : tinggal kitanya aja
priyadi : mailing list
priyadi : liat di blog gua
macnoto: iya isinya apa?
priyadi : yaaa, isinya ya orang kita2 ini lah
priyadi : masuk lah
priyadi : hehe
macnoto: ok
macnoto: sip
macnoto: bentar gue search
macnoto: Sorry, no matches were found for teknologia.

• Check your spelling. Did you spell the words in your search correctly?
• Try using similar words. The group you’re looking for may use slightly

different terms.
• Try broadening the topic of your search.

Search Yahoo! Groups for other topics
You may also want to search the web for teknologia.

macnoto: dimana?
priyadi : duh, bukan di yahoo groups
priyadi : di google groups
macnoto: walah
priyadi : masuk blog gua
priyadi : terus ada linknya
macnoto: lon pernah dnenger googlegroup
priyadi : http://groups-beta.google.com/group/teknologia
priyadi : buset
priyadi : gak gaul ah..
macnoto: kekekeke
priyadi : kaya RS aja
macnoto: sibuk gawe boss
priyadi : beneran gak trendi

hahaha…. so here I am accused of being not so trendy 😀
kacian deh gue 😛

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