Congratulations Steve!!! Now You’re Listening :)

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With the end of the surrounding rumors on new headless iMac at $499 by Apple, now I can reliefs. Yes, Apple today announcing much anticipated $499 Mac I’ve been banging about for months to Apple CEO. Goossh this is something that might going to be big!! The new Mac Mini will just fit in the world needs!! Offices and Home users alike.

With today crazy adwares and viruses on Windows world. Not to mention the crazy heat produced by innefficient Pentium 4, the new Mac Mini will just fit in the world needs. The world just need new new life, the computing platform that just works!! Thanks to most advanced operating system by Apple (Mac OS X) and G4 Processors this gonna make everyone life easy.

So Congratulations Steve!! You’ve made our life even better. This is even better than something I asked!! I asked for $400 motherboard+processor only for Corporate space, now you’re giving us a $499 complete machines!!! Gossh who can resists it!!

For Apple now is facing phase two. How to spread the word, and not loosing the ball again. Please Steve make this one works! Or we’re are gonna lost the momentum again.

(PS: I even writing this using an old “Lombard” G3 PowerBook to show how cool Apple platform is. Something that just works and virus free!!!) Kudos to the whole team, and sorry for everything I did in the pasts.

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