Myself 11 Years Ago

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I am in serious sick (due exhausted) these weeks therefore have to stay in bed the whole weeks. The unability to do activities at mosts in killing me and fortunately giving me a new toys/time to play around.

I fire up my old PowerBook G3 and check out very old CD’s from my collection vault. Voila! I can’t believe what I found…. πŸ˜€ My 1994 self-made multimedia authoring titles, some self-made Stacks (HyperCard — for those of you who have no clue about HyperCard, do “googling”. It is a Suppose-To-Be-A-Visual-Basics-Suite from Apple), and some very old photos.

I can’t share the Stacks here nor multimedia titles, but let me show you how do I look back then 11 years ago.

guess, where was I? :D… on far left is my Chief Engineer Mr. Hadi Prabowo. He’s I consider one of the brightest man at the time in my nearest officehood. On the far right is my good o’ friend Kwee Jan To. He’s a good fine man, which one of the old friend I still maintain contact up to these days.

this picture also shows my old colleagues and also friends at Sidola Computer where I responsible for Apple product division. On far left is Arto which among few friends who still stays in the same company for years. I guess the owner should award this fine gentlemen a lifetime award for loyalty and performance.

this picture shows me among the sales girls (and of course on our mac section on exhibition :D) It was on 1994 and the events always consider huge successes due my dedication to the mac and right on Power Mac debuts phenomenon.

this picture shows me with one of the old Apple/Mac Evangelist like myself as well named Iman. He worked for Apcom the other Apple dealer in town. I haven’t seen him for years. Hopefully the net will reunited us.

this is one of the big stages I usually enter for presenting Apple products at the time. It was such a pleasure experience to present one of the most exotic toys (read: platform) at the time πŸ˜€

2 (two) things I learn from this very old memorabilia. 1 (one)…. I didn’t realise how old I was in this technology world (time for career change? :P), 2 (two)… I didn’t realise how skinny I was πŸ˜€ … all pictures taken using Apple QuickTake 100. The first-and-only digital camera at the time. (reminds me to get a new one though πŸ˜€ … Canon 20D or Nikon anyone??)

13 Responses to “Myself 11 Years Ago”

  1. adinoto’s blog » Blog Archive » Kamera Mega Pixel, Pengalaman Berkamera Jaman Fir’aun 100.000 Pixels :P Says:

    […] 2. Adinoto’s Blog.. Myself 11 Years Ago. […]

  2. rendy Says:

    kyaaaaaa kyaaaaa kurus bangeeeeeet

  3. sai Says:

    Geloo … ondut bangeut jaman segitu ?
    Diet-nya apaan kok sekarang bisa kurus ya ?

  4. adjie Says:

    eh bos, elo mah dari dulu emang kagak ada cakepnya, mau make camera 1 juta pixel juga pada bae …. gacir,

  5. hadi Says:

    Adinoto gilaa.. tahun jebot.. tampang jebot.. tetep aja koar2 Mek…


  6. adinoto Says:

    hadi Says:
    March 21st, 2009 at 8:47 am
    Adinoto gilaa.. tahun jebot.. tampang jebot.. tetep aja koar2 MekÒ€¦

    => Wakakakaka lu masih pake seragam merah kali di, bos lu juga masih jualan keran wakakakaka *ngacirrr πŸ˜›

  7. hadi Says:

    bukan keran…

    kitchen set tau.. iya seragam merah..

    ckckckck.. di hari itu.. apakah anda berpikir akan seperti ini dunia per-Mac-an sekarang ???

  8. adinoto Says:

    Pernah berpikir? Lah dulu juga hebring Mac di Indo jaman Pak Kendro Hendra (InMac) boss th 94-96. Hehehee…

  9. Todo Sibuea Says:

    Dulu SPG masih pakai baju yang resmi ya. Kayaknya masih lebih paham tentang produk yang dijual dibanding SPG sekarang. Sayangnya, SPG di stand Mac pas pameran pakai baju yang formal, beda sama SPG stand PC yang bajunya aduhaiiiii, kulitnya muluuuuus, putiiiiih, seksi. πŸ˜€

  10. adinoto Says:

    hahahahaa…. soalnya dulu Apple Product Specialistnya rewel kang, semua disuruh telen product knowledge biar bisa menerangkan dengan baik. Lah kita jualan product kok hehehee…. bukan jualan kulit πŸ˜€

  11. yoki Says:

    Edan langsing pisan! Tapi teteup aja mau pake 1st digital camera tech atau cutting edge, teteup tampangnya gak ada point of selling pisan xwxwxwxwxxwxwxww

  12. adinoto Says:

    wakakakakaa….. skeeeemmmm wakakakak πŸ˜€

  13. adinoto Says:

    masih cungkring tea kang wakakakaa…. kata slank… kembalikan bodyku yg dulu wakakakaka

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