It’s All About Options, Steve!

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With the recent Mac mini launch (and in Indonesia fiasco launched), I feel Apple has move in right direction, but not entirely correct!!! In the terms of body language it’s by means only turning head, not move your entire body to the right direction.

How can I say it? Yes, because as my previous posts mentioned, for Apple to be able to regain its position as truly a countable player in this IT world it has to be releasing its true barebone motherboard!! Why? Because people just love to have an option, that’s all Steve!!

With only Mac mini (ready to use computer), it will not even satisfy ordinary PC users. They want choices. The choices where they can pick the own motherboards, processors, and the rest of peripherals.

By unable to do so, Apple once again will only limit its self to be a serious contenders to Microsoft as platform supplier. People just want choices, Steve! Still can’t you see it!!! Until the day you’ll release that “open choices” — my term to Apple to call open platform, people will just not see Apple as a truly player (aside to your very loyal customers) — can’t you see why it’s hard for you to move that switchers?? Still stuck in 5% (or less) marketshare??

Ask ASUS, or MSI or ECS to develop Mac boards. The three of these companies has proven themselves as a true volume-proven players and rocksolid boards manufacturers at low costs.

There I said it (again). But there’s nothing I can do, since I don’t run Apple. Sigh! 🙁

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