Windows Kicks Back (Score 1 for Windows – Windows Media Factor)

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I just installed the new Windows Media 10 on my daily PC (I have downloaded it last month on my KL trip), and guess what I found… It kewl!!! man. Why it so? It plays most of my old Apple QuickTime movies on the fly without additional codecs, just it won’t play the new Apple QuickTime files since it doesn’t have a compatible MPEG-4 audio codecs (why it doesn’t compatible I don’t know… since Microsoft told us they already deploys their MPEG-4 video as well as audio implementation on Windows Media, right?? :P)

I check out the web instantly I found lots of free codecs plugs-in for Windows Media. Check out and you’ll find lots of 3ivx, DiVx, etc, etc. I’m only interested to MPEG-4 audio plugs-in for QuickTime compatibility.. and guess 3ivx just work real S-M-O-O-T-H… humm now my Windows Media runs all the QuickTime files I had, including those lovely commercials.

I know there’s lot of players/alternatives out there, but here I only want to point out a Windows Media Factor here, which grows tremendously well over the years. It was once a very clumsy player (only play AVI uncompressed which is BIG-and-UGLY) and then license Mediamatics codecs for MPEG-1 playback and guess what it isa headed today… a really competing player to Apple’s QuickTime.

Does it have to do with Microsoft attempted on Apple in US$140 Millions compensation to Apple in 1997 when Apple was in trouble that the deal includes a 5 years contract to make sure Microsoft Office keep deliver on Mac platform and Apple should open QuickTime codes? I don’t know. I just love the idea of plugs-in and there’s plenty of very talented free software developers (mostly derived from Linux habits) who loves to write for Windows (I believe this mostly for installed based reason) or their desire to want to see a BetterWindows. 😛

This teaches us two things:
1. Apple you should aware that QuickTime is no longer a very differentiate and leading player. Apple even uses Sorenson found on Macromedia Flash, and MPEG-4 for audio/video (though we all know that MPEG-4 is actually derived from QuickTime not the other way around ;P) but Apple value is no foreseeable as an irresistible factor.

2. Should we ask Microsoft to Open Windows (or at least give a handful developer an incentive to work on Windows components to make a better Windows :P). Things like Thread, Kernel Responsiveness, Protected Memory is still a big issue on today’s Windows.

For me it teaches me one thing:
“Hmmm.. then Sony VAIO TR5AP is a irresistible factor now :P” and for Sony the lesson learn here is maybe they should send me a free VAIO since I promote a lot lately on my small blog 😛

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