Bring Back the Sounds (And Themes), Steve!

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The recent WWDC 2006 shows us an important miles on how Mac OS X will look like in the future. It boasts a sophisticated backup utility called Time Machine, and new Apple Mail 3.0 brings Templates that allows us to create a more humanism mail. Let alone it has a To Do list check which will be a huge advantage and more organize live in corporate space and personal uses.

On the back end side, Apple will bring us another shocking Core Animation engine which will allows developer to create stunning applications based on this engine. And a perfect natural Text-To-Speech called Alex! …. It’s all awesome.

What’s the wish list that I expected from the forthcoming Leopard release? I only hopes that Apple would consider to bring back the fun! Steve, bring us back the Sound and Themes! It might not be as shocking wave as Core Animation nor Text To Speech nor Time Machine, but I’ve faces lots of Windows switchers and long time Mac users (since System 9 days) loosing their “toys” when it comes to OS X. Everything are suddenly quite. No Themes nor Sounds.

Brings us back the Fun, Steve! … You might think that it is annoying to have a Sound wherever you drag things or move the Pull Down menu, but I said, it would be wiser if we let user decide whether they want to turn it On or Off.

For now, Mac users can rely on Unsanity’s Xounds and Shapeshifter to bring back all the fun. It’s a 10 and 20 dollars shareware that allows us to bring back all the memories with System 9.

People won’t use the same shirt everydays, Steve. And with the boost adoption of MacBook, I would say people will flock into the same white-everyone-use-laptop and soon MacBook will looks too dull and boring if everyone use the same gadget. I would also like to assure you to think about allowing future MacBook to able to change “shirt” easily, just like PowerBook 1400 days. Of course the PowerBook 1400 is a dog and not success at all, but let’s face it. It’s a brick and MacBook skinness make it all different. The skin thing is the key success to Nokia and of course … the iPod 🙂

Other would say, argh Adi this is nothing. You’re talking rubbish, it’s only the skin for sake!… but gossh how about the 19 millions OS X users would think Steve? They are all mostly Laggard and the business people. Do they notice in Unsanity? Nope.

Well, my 2 cents suggestions:
If you think you can not make it to Leopard, then give them a talk. If buyout would be a not good option (thanks to my article :D) that they rise the price, then talk about bundling. A dollar for every copy of Mac OS X sold in Leopard would be kick ass I guess. Customize the way they look to make it more Apple originals, and let’s make money for both parties. That’s how Microsoft works, doesn’t they!

Now I can only wish the forthcoming Themes from Apple will bring back the System 7, Platinum, Gizmo, Hi-Tech original themes. That’s only a small wish. For Apple executives who keep saying bad words on me, well guys cut the crap. Read the line, I CARE FOR APPLE, you might only care for your position!

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  1. -mr.yahya- Says:

    I’ve heard a lot (from ,who else, macnoto ;D ) about how fun ‘the Sounds’ of the old apple. sadly, now I can only enjoy it when I use ms office X (it’s ms, not apple!!). Among the silence of the MacOS X, the Sounds of Msoffice X (saving, undo, etc sounds) is just fun (thats one of the reason why i’m still using office x).

    I’m a switcher, and I’m totally agree with u, mac….
    “Steve, I wanna hear the sounds too !!!”

  2. Adham Somantrie Says:

    i don’t care with the sound… macbook speakers is nothing! but, i have the creative inpire speakers for the music….

    just want more universal binaries!!! 😛

  3. Kuswanto Says:

    If Leopard ship with themeable interface Shapeshifter will be nuked. But i totally agree with u, i want Mac OS X natively themeable without third party software. Look ta Linux geek, the Linux theme site is very lively with millions of visitors on each day.

    Oh please please remove the brushed metal, pretty please, and no more MORE!

    But for now i will stick with UNO and CandyBar

  4. Presiden Idiotnesia Says:

    Yeah, but i think how nicefull if we speak with Bahasa Indonesia (kejer Google Adsense ya)

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