Can You Spe-e-l-l ChinaPod? :P

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I just got a little friend’s visit yesterday asking me about a wierd question. “Adi, do you have a formatting tool for USB device?” .. Ha? I wonder what. Everyone can simply use Operating System’ formatting tool, no matter it’s gonna be a Windows or Mac or Linux. So what in the hell they gonna need special formatter for it. It also reminds me a little “affair” with china-made USB fake version of VIAO, Sony, Apple USB that claim to have a 4GB or even 8GB on the box, but when you start using it, it can’t store more than 32MB or sometimes 64MB if you’re lucky ๐Ÿ˜€ … Even worse when you start format it will only show 32 to 64MB of space. ๐Ÿ˜€

Nothing is really new about that. It’s too common for the first timer who went to China for a visit. But what makes it interesting is that my friend got an Nano-clone iPod from china’s last visit… Nano? Ho oh… you’ll see it yourself down here. Now I realize that it’s not easy to become an Apple Executive in China mainland. I know once Tony Ho, who ran China Operation but was kicked out due his inability to broaden Apple’s penetration in China more than 1%. Of course it’s due soo many no-name brand cloner who produce el-cheapo MP3 box. Steve, you gotta think forward beyond just US and European market if you want to be more successful than ever. Think Different Steve!! …. Oh yeah, did I mention that this little gizmo is only worth 30 dollars? Just what it takes to fit the 50-100 dollars/monthly income for most developing countries.

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  1. Sirait Says:

    yang asli yang kiri kan? yang ada tulisan iPod nya :p

  2. adinoto Says:

    wakakaka.. yang asli yang kiri. yang asli kebeli maksudnya wakakakak ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Affan Says:

    Iya, yg kiri screen nya lebih gede, trus harganya lebih murah. Jadi buat apa beli Nano ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. rendy Says:

    yang kiri beli dimana ? brapaan ?

  5. Lagi-lagi blognya Budi Rahardjo » Blog Archive » iPodku! Says:

    […] Saya sudah punya MP3 player lainnya (baik dalam bentuk CD player yang bisa memainkan MP3 maupun dalam bentuk Creative Labs DV Cam). Bagi yang belum pernah memegang iPod nano ini, saya sarankan untuk mencoba. Tidak harus memiliki, tapi mencoba menggunakannya. Sekali saja. Bentuk desain dari keluarga iPod ini memang luar biasa elegannya. Proporsional. Coba saja bandingkan dengan iPod nano palsu buatan Cina. Gak kelas! […]

  6. mr.yahya Says:

    dua-duanya pasti asli.
    yg satu ipod nano, yang satu lagi ipod nona..
    yang satu dari changi, yang satu dari china…
    hmmm..beda2 tipis ya…

  7. adinoto’s blog » Nano Slurph Says:

    […] One fine toy like Nano already consume our curiosity. But whatta about a box of iPod nano?? Especially when all this will be hacked purposes?? ๐Ÿ˜€ […]

  8. Oskar Syahbana Says:

    Apalagi iPod yang asli kan memang dibikin di Cina, jadi seharusnya engga susah buat mereka untuk bikin “iPod” ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. adham Says:

    yg penting punyaku iPod Nano asli…. heheheheehe…

  10. negative Says:

    hah, dua-duanya palesu.. :p

  11. idarmadi Says:

    Last week, my sis in-law was looking for an 2GB iPod Nano for her niece in Medan. She called her friend that run a computer store in Harco Mangga Dua. Her friend told her that it will cost Rp.1.850rb for the nano, but it wasn’t ready stocked. My sis-in-law checked back tommorow, and her friend told her to get a china version of the ipod instead. It costs only 850rb for 512MB CiPod (China made iPod). Without any hesitation, she grabbed it, especially after her friend assured her that they are the same, and she never got any complain about the quality.

    Later she told me about it. And I told her, pity your niece that she had to use the fake iPod. iPod is not mere a mp3 player, it’s a fashion statement. For twice the price, you’ll get 4 times the storage, a better quality hardware, a better quality software and ui, and the brand name. I bet that her niece would just store her cipod in her drawer, and will to shamefull to show it off to her friends.

    Pity her.

  12. SioMay Says:

    saya , ipod nano yang palsu 2 giga byte, benar-benar cantik dan bagus ,kardus-kardus nya pun bagus . Harga nya sekitar 550.000 rupiah saja . email me if you wanna buy some china ipod..

  13. wee-na Says:

    Wei SioMay…
    Gw pengen beliin adek gw mp3 player ne. Tp budget gw cmn ..(jgn diketawain ye).. yah under 200 rebu d… Lo ada ga Chinapod yg segitu?

  14. pod « .: [un]ordinary people :. Says:

    […] iPod, Zen, Zune, iRiver de el el ampe player-player buatan cina yang harganya murah meriah (dan mirip iPod) udah gampang banget ditemuin. Beberapa orang bahkan sudah menganggap portable player ini sebagai […]

  15. shuna Says:

    china seeh…negara bajakan…….apa seh yg ga ditiru mreka???

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