Better Browser (Camino Optimized Version) for Joe Mac Users

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I’ve been looking for stable internet browser Mac OS X eversince I switched my primary machine to Mac OS X last year. The choice is quite simple. Camino!. Camino is Firefox derivatives for Mac OS X specific built. It embraces Cocoa programming rather than Firefox GUI kit that designed with compile once runs any (platforms). Simply put it’s the Firefox the Mac-way! Of course most of you knows this (if you are a Mac user). What I keen to share is the Optimized version of Camino that would fit on your machine even better. Presenting Camino optimized for each PowerPC architechtures! … for you the Average-Joe Mac users. Either you’re a G3 users, G4 or G5 please find your optimized version compiled by our colleagues to make your internet browsing experiences even better (Simply put! It runs cycle your standard Camino browser).

I now using iMac G4 17″ 1.25GHz as my solely machine. I’m not giving up this machine since it has a long root history to the project that I lost ๐Ÿ˜› — emotionally experience. Therefore I’ve upgraded this system with 200GB drive and 16x DVD SuperDrive (from original 4x), and 2GB of memory. ๐Ÿ˜› … and let me share with you what I’ve encountered with the optimized version of Camino…. “One word. It rocks!”.

I also had discussion with Apple execs yesterday on how Apple suppose to drop Safari in favor of Camino. Yes you’ve put so many resource in developing KHTML and WebCore (from Konqueror) and make Safari. But to be truth the Safari is no Firefox/derivatives. It does not the competing standard (IE vs Firefox cold wars). Why putting so many energy (and money) to the big and long battle if you can simply helps this guys embrace the standard and kick Redmond? IBM has done so by supporting Firefox, and it’s your time to help them finish what they have started. E.q.: No Lotus Domino supports for Safari? The list go on… Are you there Steve?

Ok, enough the long talk. Let’s go ahead:
1. First open your Terminal on Mac OS X machine (If you’re dumb enough please go to Finder -> Go to Utilities = or Command/Apple + Shift + U) and open Terminal.
2. Type “machine”…. drop the quote. By doing so you’ll find your specific machine you have!… Either ppc7400 (G4), ppc7450 (G4), ppc750 (G3) or ppc970 (G5).
3. Ok and let’s download each built that fits your machine profile.

For G4 and Tiger Users:
1. With PowerPC 7450 (New G4).. get this Camino 1.0b1 for PPC7450 with Tiger
2. With PowerPC 7400 (Old G4).. get this Camino 1.0b1 for PPC7400 with Tiger

For G5 and 10.2.8 and above Users:
3. With PowerPC 970 (G5).. get this Camino 1.0b1 for G5
4. With PowerPC 750 (G3).. get this Camino 1.0b1 for G3
5. With PowerPC 7400 (Old G4).. get this Camino 1.0b1 for G4/7400
6. With PowerPC 7450 (New G4).. get this Camino 1.0b1 for G4/7450

Not sure what you do? Damn you’re an average joe!! ๐Ÿ˜› Big thanks to krmathis and wrc_fans.

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  1. Eep Says:

    hidup camino…..!!! gue isi comment ini juga dari camino….!!!
    btw.., ngeintegrasiin iGetter ke camino bisa ga Noto?

  2. adinoto Says:

    Bisa. Maksudnya biar pas download langsung dibuka oleh iGetter instead of standard browser download manager kan?

  3. Eep Says:

    yoai coy… begitu maksudnya…

  4. Bart Hanson Says:

    I would have agreed about Camino until I met Shira, but I’m D/L the optimised v. as I type. Camino may have yet me back again!

  5. adinoto Says:

    Thanks Bart!! I never heard about Shira until you mentioned it. I’ll give a look on what it is and get back to the post soon for a review. For sure most of our colleagues here never heard about Shira. It’s in Japanese, mostly never exposed too well. I did excited over some small email client also developed by Japanese.

    From the about project I found it based on Web Kit as Apple’s Safari. Does it compatible with Domino server also as you check it? Please share some of your experience using Shira. I will be please if you are willing to share it over a small article.

    Again, thanks Bart for mentioning Shira!

  6. ariya Says:


  7. Dirgayuza Says:

    Thanks for letting us know this. =D

  8. BonnyHP Says:

    mau nanya ini mah.. boleh yah..
    kl saya buat web. dan button sy pake style (ubah tampilan button).
    sama camino di replace pake style button nya dia nih..

    kalo supaya deactive sytle button nya.. ato supaya bisa saya ubah..
    gimana caranya om..?

    sorry kalo salah tempat.. tapi kebetulan lg bahas camino..

  9. Jim Says:

    Ini browser berbasis webkit (seperti Safari). Rasanya waktu dipake lebih enteng. Yang paling penting fitur Shiira adalah, Panther gue bisa save as webarchive. Fitur yang disembunyikan Apple pada Safari 1.3.1 yang katanya cuman beda di RSS readernya ajah (dengan Safari 2.0.1). Waktu tes seharian ngeweb pake Shiira, wah, ternyata masih kurang stabil. Jadi crash mulu. Crash-nya sih tidak mengganggu. Tapi multiple tab yang udah gue buka jadi ilang. Dia belum bikin fitur session saver sih. Udah gitu gak integrate sama KeyChain, jadi untuk beberapa situs pake authentication, udah lupa tuh passwordnya.

    Browser native Mac yang paling enteng. Dulu gue sebel ama Camino karena rendering teksnya terlalu rapat (property line-height lebih rapat), ketimbang Safari yang line-heightnya lebih lebar dan lebih enak dibaca. Dulu juga sebel karena rendering italic font di Camino kok maksa (kayak teks tegak dipaksa skew) ketimbang Safari. Tapi kini, Camino lebih enteng dan stabil. Apalagi dia bisa langsung integrate sama KeyChain.

    Terlalu berat. Gak integrate sama KeyChain. Walaupun aslinya dia punya kekurangan seperti Camino, tapi tweaking css renderingnya bisa diperbaiki. Meskipun kadang kurang sempurna.

    CSS Button Camino:
    Hmm … harusnya sih kalo CSSnya bener, dirender sempurna sama Camino. Coba diposting di sini CSS property yang dipake.

  10. Ozzie Says:

    Hm… lebih suka pake Safari (abis baru pertama kali make yang beginian sih hehehe). Kalaupun disuruh milih, mendingan pake Opera, system resource usage-nya lebih rendah. Tapi belum dibandingin sih sama Firefox 1.5

  11. Yi Mountain Says:

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