No FireWire Connection for iPod Nano? :(

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I just got back from 5 days business trip when I realize that I forgot to put my iPod nano USB cable. I remember it must be left somewhere on my client’s office. Ok, no problem I said, since I still have one unpacked FireWire cable for iPod that I bought a month ago due distributor sent me the wrong cable which I actually need (I ordered FireWire cable for iSight but they’ve sent me FireWire cable for iPod).

I opened the box and puff… I tap it into my trusty PowerBook G4… ouch look what I found…. “FireWire connection are not supported. To transfer songs, connect the USB cable provided. Press Center to dismiss”.

Seems that the iPod nano is not supporting the FireWire data connection at all 🙁 Most-likely it’s a true that Apple started to dropping FireWire support in favor of USB on its iPod line.

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  1. idarmaid Says:

    karena 95% populasi di dunia pakai Wintel, dan 99% dari komputer wintel tidak ada build in firewire.. then why bother put extra cost to the ipod to support firewire? 99% of windows user don’t have firewire, and 1% of wintel user + modern mac have USB.
    Anyway, it’s only a puny 4GB…

  2. Cak Uding Says:

    Lah begimana atuh Kang Noto, khan jelas jelas memang di spec nya menyebutkan tidak support kabel api…:D lupa yeeee, main buka, colok usb trus mainin aja sih….:D

  3. adinoto Says:

    ya ga liat atuh akang, wong usb gue ketinggalan di client :D… aneh juga apple udah ga mainan kabel api 😛 lah kabel api dia yang bikin. emang kayaknya yang pasti chip kabel api jauh lebih mahal dari usb 2.0

    well it’s ok, skrg gue udah pegang kabel usbnya lagi. sayang aja ini kabel apinya nganggur.

  4. roby Says:

    ternyata iPod “ada” di tahun 1954 :):

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