The Death of Another Good Technology

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Regarding recent post at on CodeWarrior’s announcement that the CodeWarrior 10 will be the last product ship to OS X, it’s flashing me back the few things.

1. CodeWarrior was the savior of PowerMac initial release in 1994. There was no native compiler for PowerPC Mac (even from Apple), and Metrowerks CodeWarrior was the first into the market to save PowerMac. A lot of developers jump into the CodeWarrior just to get early shipping their native codes, including myself embrace Metrowerks CodeWarrior in 1994 and get the best IDE that allows me to compile apps for Mac, Windows, even Newton and General Magic if you wish. A truly cross platforms compiler ever exist at the moment.
2. Steve’s WWDC Keynote 2005 announcement regarding OS X PowerPC to Intel migration. Steve said that the only easy way to migrate is using Xcode. Any scripts (java scripts, applescripts, scripts programming) will work with no modification, Cocoa will work with slight modifications, but applications based on Metroworks CodeWarrior in unclear.
3. Chris Espinosa was among the original Mac original developer team. Chris was at high school when he joined Apple along with Bill Atkinson, and others. The original CodeWarrior creator was also created by this ex-Apple employee. I recalled it was Chris’s baby.

Few years ago, I see not much excitement among developer to embrace Metrowerks CodeWarrior. I believe it was not because it technological driven, but more likely because it lacks of resources to spend on marketing.

Today I check out CodeWarrior again, I’m bit surprised that now CodeWarrior already part of Freescale Semiconductor (Motorola chip business). I remember they already re-focus on embedded development few years back and now I’m not sure where they are heading.

Good technology dies… the one that rules the market is the strongest player. I always comply to the old believe that “Today, there’s no relevance between good technology and winning the market. It’s completely different ball game.”…. I guess CodeWarrior will add up more to the good technology that will die soon. Among those are BeOS, Amiga, mTropolis, PCTools, Ashton Tate and many more (most innovative companies dilute or swallow by bigger backers, like Netopia’s original SMB block, licensed by Microsoft, now where are they?). I recall browsing the web for some information only to find that they’re changing their business models. Dissolve into completely different company.

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  1. kasarung Says:

    PCTools? as in “PC Tools R4.24”? Boy, that one bring back the olden days..

  2. adinoto Says:

    bwahhahahaa… ada juga yang jeli perhatian wakakakkaa.. ๐Ÿ˜€ emang bro, ga tau kenapa kok ya gue kangen dulu ngeliat pembajak disket di Taman Sari Bandung (sebelumnya di Jalan Sederhana) sedang giat-giatnya cek cek cek cek cek cek cek cek pake PCTools ngopy diskette wakakaka.. ๐Ÿ˜€ lagi nostalgia dikit bole dunk ya ๐Ÿ˜€

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