Way To Go Apple!!

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This article written just couple minutes before Steve Jobs’ speech on WWDC. This WWDC seems different, make my heart stop beating. Why so? The recent rumors Mac switch to Intel left two big questions?

1. Will Apple finally open its architecture to PC makers?
2. Or will Apple remains the close architecture (only utilising x86 not embracing standard x86 PC industry).

I really hope that Apple pick the 1st choice. Play the big league Steve! Beat Bill on his own ass!! The new PC makers could all sudden become “Mac manufacturers”. Market share will sky rocket! Mac will rock once again. I’ll dedicate my soul to this initiative.

But if only Apple pick the second path, I’ll remain silent and loose my appetite to the whole this business rejuvenation. Mac will keep its single digit player and unpopular as its usual. So sad.

Steve! Bill has kicked you by miles, it’s now your time to make a home run! Kick the ball… and let the fun begins!!

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