Surrounded By WiFi Traps!!

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I was at Funan Center Singapore for windows shopping, and was trying to find a Wrist Rug for my PowerBook (I end up got a nice sleeve case, a wrist rug and cool backpack that fit 15.2″ PowerBook just nicely!!! Great!). Actually my original plan was to find a way to send some emails for my colleagues. Unfortunately there’s no WiFi at Le Meridiens (too bad! I will opt for another hotel next time for sure!). While at Funan I bit mixed up!!… I walked to the McDonalds on the back … and found 8-9 WiFi networks…. whoa… which one should I use? Based on information center, I notice that I will get a free WiFi access from ACCESS-ICELL. Cool… I tap to the network and login. D*mn! While ordering foods I ran out of battery juice!! (I guess I need a juicer PowerBook battery…. 10 hours battery life, Apple? Why not!!)… then I went to a place that can allows me to tap to their power plugs for charging. First caffee was no luck! (PASTAMANIA)…. then I went to the front of plaza .. COFFEE BEAN.. great, now I got a handful employee who helped me with the powerline, and a WiFi zone… strangely the guy over me came over asked me how was I proceeding with the WiFi… since he unabled to set up one using his Linux laptop… hmm… how strange… but next thing I noticed that I only connected to ACCESS-STARHUB service that is pay-per-use 9 dollars per hour. All other Access Points are instantly disappeared when I enter the Cofee Bean. Hmm… strange. Do they successfully isolated the place so only StarHub WiFi networks available to the place? Must be. It’s even open up a start up login page “STARHUB-COFFEE BEAN TEA”… Cool.

Here I am browsing and sending mails with blazingly fast WiFi networks. Nine dollars an hour for fast WiFi I don’t mind 🙂

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