Welcome Aboard Brother…

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With recent Mr.GBT’s confession on Mac OS X initial experience, I only would like to say “Welcome Aboard Brother… Hopefully you’ll find your home at OS X”.

I’m sorry that we still have no full time exploring OS X together due our tight schedule and activities, but one thing I learn from this experience : “It is completely different between “easy” and “familiar”… I thought it only works for Windows convert… now I realize that *NIX geek like you can also become “alien” in OS X wonderland”.

Now if only Apple realize that things like this can be a very dangerous. The more people “unfamiliar” with OS X (due limited access to OS X), the more people uncomfort to make the switch. And everybody’s making catch up (read: competition), faster and cheaper Intel/AMD processors — wider access of PC, better Windows, and did I forget to mention Linux?

By that time happened I’m the only one left blush 🙁 …. wake up Apple.

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